Ejuice Calculator

diy-ejuice-calculatorWe have a spreadsheet that can be used with your ejuice calculator to upload Flavorah flavors.

All of the specific gravity, use rate, and costs are in the upload.

There are a few really good applications out there for doing your ejuice mixes and keeping track of inventory, recipes, batches etc.  One that I like is made to run on your computer, and allows you to mix DIY ejuice by both volume and weight.  Using this calculator will help you refine a recipe by easily toggling between PG/VG levels and flavor percentages.  Once you have a receipe written, you can also run a cost/ml analysis to see how much money you might save.   Check out DIY Juice Calculator

Here is an easy to import spreadsheet of Flavorah Flavorings that you can use with the calculator.

FLV Ejuice Flavors Spreadsheet

FLV Flavors Import For Ejuice Calculator