DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 6 Podcast – July 2017

Another great DIY or DIE episode, Noted: Episode 6, full of fantastic melon tasting/flavor notes. Watch or listen in on the full episode, or if you’re looking for something in particular, we’ve provided a few time break-downs. Listed below is where you can learn specifics about Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 6:

Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 6

1:50 – CheebaSteeba speaks about our FLV Wild Melon (July Flavor of the Month, great timing!) as his favorite melon flavoring that he’s tried. He gives great flavor notes and mix suggestions. He also mentions his review of the flavor, which you can find here.

24:45 – CheebaSteeba starts talking about his favorite real-life melon, Cantaloupe, and how ripeness is key when eating a melon.  After he describes tasting notes of a couple of our competitors Cantaloupe flavorings, he goes into FLV Cantaloupe. He says it is easily among his favorite Cantaloupe flavors. He gives great tasting notes and pairing suggestions as well as wonderful percentages suggestions (per usual with our flavors, keep it low!).

36:26 – They’ve been chatting about honeydew flavorings prior to this time mark. CheebaSteeba mentions that when looking for that hint of honeydew notes, he goes for our FLV Wild Melon actually.

44:11 – CheebaSteeba talks about his recipe, Melon Mix, which includes FLV Cantaloupe, FLV Cream, a marshmallow flavor, and of course, FLV Wild Melon! He really loves our two melon flavors!

46:08 – EM (mlNikon) talks about Melon Balls, their interesting recipe mix including FLV Wild Melon with a refreshing mint and cucumber, alongside a tart dragonfruit and sweetening flavor. Great mixing and recipe ideas in this episode!

50:14 – CheebaSteeba mentions Nut Cream on ya Melons by Maniacpsycho – a recipe he tried based on it’s inclusion of our FLV Wild Melon. This one uses it beside FLV Sweet Coconut and a vanilla bean ice cream flavor. Cheeba suggests trying a lighter cream or lighter ice cream flavoring. Loving the Sweet Coconut and Wild Melon combination!

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