DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 7 Podcast – July 2017

A new DIY or DIE episode, Noted: Episode 7, packed with floral flavor notes and reviews. Watch or listen in on the full episode, or if you’re looking for something in particular, we’ve provided a few time break-downs. Listed below is where you can find specifics about Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 7:

Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 7 – Florals

17:30 – You’ll find flavor notes on FLV Hibiscus here. mlNikon mentions that it’s pretty potent, and that it’s more like the plant, a little drier –  a nice, subtle, unobtrusive flower. CheebaSteeba mentions that a lot of florals seem to be on the dry side and that’s a good thing to be aware of when mixing and picking flavors to pair.

43:40 – CheebaSteeba and mlNikon describe FLV Elderflower. CheebaSteeba says it’s one of his favorites and mlNikon adds that it’s a nice, subtle, bright, semi-sweet flower flavoring. They agree that our Elderflower is a great starter-floral for those who are just starting to try mixing florals. CheebaSteeba vapes a recipe live, Springtime by Kopel, which includes FLV Elderflower, FLV Lychee, FLV Pink Guava, FLV Sweet Coconut, and a honeysuckle flavor. CheebaSteeba mentions how Lychee is a bright kind of floral, fruit flavoring, which can add a floral note to recipes without needing to reach for a straight flower flavoring. They talk about how the flavors in the recipe mesh well together, including how our Sweet Coconut adds just a hint a creamy-ness in the background.

57:30 – The group brings up FLV Honey Bee, making sure to emphasize needing to use this at a low percentage. It’s described in this episode as a darker floral, sweet flavoring – maybe a bit more of a challenge to mix but with potential to produce more full-flavored notes. They also give great steeping suggestions for getting the most out of this flavor.

1:05:40FLV Yakima Hops – CheebaSteeba’s favorite floral – he describes it as dense bodied, a little dry, but not too much and a nice citrus kind of floral flavoring. He also notes our FLV Thai Chai as being a floral spice flavoring, similar to the floral notes in a thai tea.

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