Gumeye Ball eJuice Recipe Idea

gumeye ball ejuice recipe idea

Gumeye Ball by ID10-T

The competing mix in an all FLV ejuice recipe competition put on by MixLife July 2017. ID10-T was going for a vape that reflects those lemon cartoon ice cream bars from your neighborhood ice cream truck with gum-balls for eyes. Bubble Gum and Vanilla Pudding are the base flavors in this vape, with Vanilla Pudding to help smooth the Bubble Gum over nicely. Lemonade adds that classic sweet homestyle lemonade flavor, paired with the Vanilla Pudding to create that lemon-flavored ice cream cartoon heads. The Marshmallow eliminates any need for sweetener, smooths over any rougher notes, and helps create that rounded soft-serve ice cream flavor. Cream simply, subtly pulls it all together. You can view the original recipe posting and notes at the following site:
All The Flavors

Ingredient %
Bubble Gum (Flavorah)  2.00
Cream (Flavorah) 0.75
Lemonade (Flavorah) 3.00
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 0.50
Vanilla Pudding (Flavorah) 3.50
Total Flavoring 9.75

Steep Days: 2 days
Best VG: 70%
Temperature: 420

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