Flavor Reviews by ConcreteRiver – Smoked Butterscotch, Pucker, Pastry Zest

ConcreteRiver provides some amazing flavor reviews, including notes and mixing suggestions, in his videos! This one is on a batch of some of our newest flavors – Smoked Butterscotch, Pucker, Pastry Zest. He is very thorough and explains his thoughts well. This video is short, sweet, and to-the-point, and therefore definitely worth listening in to the full thing to benefit from this great source of flavor information! Original YouTube video on ConcreteRiver’s channel here: Full Video on YouTube  

Breakdown of ConcreteRiver’s “FLV Beta Testing 4: Smoked Butterscotch, Pucker, Pastry Zest”

0:40 – New flavor FLV Smoked Butterscotch

Flavor Notes: Rich butterscotch with a smoky accent. Similar to FLV Butterscotch (a good thing!), but a bit softer and warm, with some drier, darker caramelized sugar notes. Solid, rich butter note to it. Smoke note is a sweeter wood smoke, not ashy or dirty. Would work well as an accent to the richer butterscotch flavor.

Pairing Suggestions: Tobacco, Bakery, Coffee, Cream – overall adds interest and depth

Percentage Suggestions: Standalone: .25 – 2% (cardboard-like notes come out any higher than 2% and smokey note loses balance).

6:08 – New flavor FLV Pucker

Flavor Notes: Tart additive with a sweet tobacco note behind it. Tartness feels more tannic than sour. Green apple peel tart without any citrus. Tobacco note has a sweet, hay-like note to it sort of like coumarin. Slight kind-of dirty ash note almost. Adds tart-ness and pop up-front. Sweetens tail-end of exhale. Brightens up leafy notes and pushes leather and wood notes up. Very, very light cooling effect.

Pairing Suggestions: Additive to Tobaccos (would clean-up an aggressive finish, brighten pipe mixes, mimic cigarette hit) – i.e. FLV Cured Tobacco, FLV Cavendish, FLV Arabian Tobacco

Percentage Suggestions: Additive: Less than 0.25 – 1% (gets cloying sweet at higher percentages)

12:55 – New flavor FLV Pastry Zest

Flavor Notes: Brighter, lemon juice style additive. Tartness up front, not sour or actual lemon flavor. Textured sugar finish that starts as a light powdered sugar and moves towards granulated sugar. Light cinnamon-warmth note. Tends to sit more in the front, on top.

Pairing Suggestions: Additive to Pastries with Fruit notes – i.e. Pies, Tarts, Crisps, flakier-crust Bakery mix

Percentage Suggestions: Additive: 1 – 1.5% (tartness a little too strong at 2%)

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