DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 17 – Aromatic Tobacco

DIY or DIE episode, Noted: Episode 17, is all about aromatic tobacco flavors. There are two more episodes after this one on Non-aromatic Tobacco flavors and Tobacco Additives, if you’re looking for different types of tobaccos. Watch or listen in on the full episode, or if you’re looking for something in particular, we’ve provided a few time break-downs. Listed below is where you can find specifics about Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 17:

Flavorah in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 17 – Aromatic Tobacco

43:50 FLV Cavendish Tobacco – They talk about CheebaSteeba’s recipe, Autumn Sunset v2. Cheeba describes it as a very deep, dark, spicy tobacco, more like a pipe tobacco. He says it’s one of his favorites and one of Flavorah’s only more aromatic tobacco flavorings. Fear says cavendish tobacco itself is one of his favorite pipe tobaccos, with the cherry, rum-ish, and spice notes.

48:45 – Fear describes difference between FLV Cavendish and INW Cavendish. He notes that INW Cavendish is a lot stronger aromatically. He could handle vaping FLV Cavendish in the house (read: an enclosed space), but not INW because it is to aromatic.

54:20  CheebaSteeba talks about his Klove recipe, which emulates the Djarum Blacks (clove cigarettes). It includes FLV Clove and FLV Native Tobacco.
56:50 – Emily asks Fear, what would be a good brand for first-time tobacco flavoring vapers to get their foot in the door. Fear says go for Flavorah. 🙂 He notes that Cavendish is really our only aromatic tobacco, though.
57:50 – Fear mentions how Jennifer Jarvis noted some aromatic notes in FLV Tatanka Tobacco, but it’s really supposed to be more of a chewing tobacco. He says he can see the aromatic properties in it, though.
1:01:45 – ID10-T made a fan recipe, called Peach Pipe, based on Fear’s Abuela recipe. Both of these recipes are fruit tobacco blends and include lots of great Flavorah flavorings.
1:07:32 – FLV Clove – they give some props to this flavor, Fear and Cheeba think its really good. Cheeba notes, “It’s easily the best clove you could get, especially for a tobacco.” Fear talks about his all Flavorah tobacco recipe built around FLV Pumpkin Spice that he hasn’t released yet. We can’t wait to see that one!
Expect to see more FLV flavorings in the next show, Noted: Episode 18 – Non-aromatic Tobacco.

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