About Flavorah

About Flavorah FLV eJuice Concentrate

Flavorah FLV flavor awaiting labeling


Our mission at Flavorah is to eliminate tobacco from common use. In order to accomplish our mission, we create concentrated vapor flavorings from the ground up that are so good, smokers never need to strike a match again.

We accomplish our mission by:

  1. Listening to what our customers need as they craft the best ejuices in the world.
  2. Focusing on the needs of the vape community in the US and abroad, and endeavoring to meet those needs where they require excellent flavorings that mix well together, steep quickly and vape with brilliant and potent flavor notes.

About the Company

We are the flavoring for ejuice. Our business office and final manufacturing are located near Seattle, Washington. We serve both commercial and DIY ejuice manufacturers with flavorings.  Flavorah ships around the globe.

About Our product

Flavorah is highly concentrated flavoring made for use with vapor products.

  • Our product is not made or derived from tobacco
  • Or product does not contain nicotine
  • Or product cannot be used directly in an ecigarette and must be further processed for use.

Intended Use: Flavorah flavorings are intended for further processing in the manufacture of eliquid. Flavor is not intended for use with nicotine.  Before use in a vapor product, it must be mixed with a flavorless eliquid base, such as propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), or a mixture of both PG/VG.

If you are interested in using Flavorah for your commercially manufactured eliquid, please create an account then contact us. Doing so allows us to process your requests more efficiently.

Flavorah Vape Juice Flavors

Most Flavorah (abbreviated “FLV®”) concentrated flavorings  are compounded inside a SQF 2000 Level 2 flavor laboratory. The same production line compounds flavoring for many household brands used worldwide.

  • All Flavorah flavors are certified kosher
  • They are exported according to Tariff Harmonization Code 3302909000, “Flavoring, Extracts, Liquid”

Flavorah is created in batches. Each batch often requires dozens of different raw ingredients. If one of those ingredients is unavailable, that flavor is delayed until the missing ingredient is obtained.  If you see a flavor that you want and it is out of stock, then this is most likely the reason why.   Our selection of flavors are either natural extracts, artificial/synthetic or a mix of both natural and artificial.

Flavoring Compounds in Flavorah

We do not add Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl, a.k.a. 2,3-pentanedione, to our flavors. However, traces of these, and other diketones are present in some of our flavorings. Please visit the eJuice Safety page for more information and detailed reports.  In addition to these two compounds, a proprietary list of thirty-nine GRAS ingredients have been eliminated from Flavorah flavoring compounds.  These compounds have been identified by independently conducted toxicology testing of the vaporized flavorings.

Flavorah Flavorings are PG and VG soluble. We recommend manufactures mix ejuice according to the specific gravity of each flavor. See our DIY Ejuice Flavorings for the exact weight of each flavor.

Why Use Flavorah FLV eJuice Flavors?

Flavorah FLV Cured Tobacco Vape Juice Flavoring

FLV Cured Tobacco flavoring nearly ready to ship

Using Flavorah  provides brilliant, highly concentrated flavoring notes.   Many flavorings on the market are actually made for candy, baking and beverages, but the flavor notes in Flavorah are made to be brilliant for vapor.

Flavorah gives you precise control of your  flavor profiles and ejuice recipes by using consistent, highly concentrated flavors.  Recommended usage rates are 2-5%  More potency means that flavorah is more cost effective than diluted multipurpose flavorings taken from the candy and baking industry. We put the power in your hands to blend and customize…undiluted.  Stop guessing whether your flavor is going to be good, with Flavorah, you can trust that it is.

Ultimately, we empower mixers to do it themselves and make their own decisions about what tastes good and what works for them. Vape on!