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Ejuice One Shots and Short Fills

Is Flavorah Going to Release “One Shots”or “Short Fills” (the EU version of one shots)? The answer: No. We Can Explain Why Our brand is designed for artists and mixers who want to create distinct flavor profiles for vaping. We

Vape Juice Calculator

The eJuice Me Up calculator is a fantastic vape juice calculator desktop tool for designing and filing eliquid recipes. It is one of the first projects of its kind made to assist DIY ejuice recipes. There are a lot of web applications

From Forbes and More Evidence Suggests E-Cigarettes Help Some Smokers Quit

Citing recent studies from the non-industry National Institute of Drug Abuse and the National Cancer Institute, Forbes Magazine points out that ecigarettes are finally receiving recognition for their effectivness as an alternative to combustable cigarettes.  However, was the fix already

FLV Price Changes

You may notice that some Flavorah prices have changed recently.  Some have gone up, some have gone down.  Most have changed between 1-5% according to production costs and volume.  As always, we try to keep our prices as low as

Share Your FLV Recipe

We are gathering your recipes to share with new mixers that use all FLV flavorings. This will be a printed or downloadable ebook, or other formats, and we want your permission if you have some Flavorah recipes to share. So,

E-cigarettes are Not the Problem. What is Wrong with US Politicians?

E-Cigarettes are Good This video a nice, informative piece about the benefits of switching from smoking to vaping e-cigarettes. Essentially, vaping is good for the smoking community to help them quit smoking, eliminating many harmful smoking effects. She also goes into how the

FDA Nominee Scott Gottlieb Not Conflicted, He Understands Vaping

Bloomberg has an article about  President Trump’s FDA Nominee, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, accusing him of conflict of interest because he understands the vape industry and has invested and served on the board of a company that sells electronic cigarettes. I

FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017

Congress is Working on Legislation It is important to call your house and Senate representatives now while they work on new legislation.  A stand-alone bill has been submitted to Congress as HR 1136 that may help keep vapor products subject to

Resources For New DIY eJuice Mixers

DIY ELIQUID MIXOLOGY If you are new to DIY eJuice, or even if you have a lot of experience, we want to direct you towards our friend Jennifer Jarvis as a solid resource for mixing methods and flavor notes. She

Senator Ron Johnson’s New Letter to FDA

Senator Ron Johnson was not supposed to get re-elected if you listened to American pollsters this summer. Infact, the entire US Senate was supposed to flip party. Perhaps that is why his initial letter to FDA was snubbed regarding the