August 8, 2016. Welcome to the New Era for Vaping

Today is the first day of an unknown era. Vaping in the good ‘ole US of A may never be the same again, and whether we are going to see the twilight of its golden age, or the dawn of something newer, bigger and better is still obscured by a big white cloud of vapor…

This past Friday, August 6th we released nearly one hundred new flavors in order to keep from violating the FDA’s regulation that no new tobacco products be placed on the market after 8/8 without a PMTA.  We have also implemented age verification on our website and ended our exclusive pre-release sampling program in order to comply with the apparent inclusion of vapor flavorings as deemed “tobacco products.”

It is very clear from the updated publications on the FDA’s website, Q&A webinars held in July, and their direct correspondence with us that DIY ejuice will not emerge unscathed if things continue on the same course.

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New Flavors!

As of August 7, 2016, we have launched 1oo new flavors!  Our USA Flavorah Brochure has a complete list, and you can find them for sale on the DIY Ejuice store.
This release is adding tons of amazing flavor variety to the DIY market, so please enjoy browsing and testing out these amazing new additions to the Flavorah line.

Flavorah Flavor List


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A Billion Lives – Documentry about Vaping

We are looking forward to seeing this documentary about vaping and the worlds regulatory response that is coming out soon. One interesting thing about it is that the director Aaron Biebert neither vapes, nor smokes.

Go to to see some Q&A and to sign up for notifications. Screenings have already been made in NZ, to members of US Congress and to other important policy makers.

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Call Your Congressman Tool – DIY eJuice Call to Action

Continued from a previous post.

Congressional Action for DIY eJuice Threatened by the FDA

Without congressional action to protect our rights, the FDA will have essentially banned vaping by “deeming” that it is a tobacco product, effective August 8th of this year.  Flavorings used for DIY ejuice are going to be regulated as “tobacco product components” and subject to these same regulations.

New education and action is needed to protect your right to choose vaping instead of tobacco cigarettes.

There is one piece of legislation we must pass called The Cole-Bishop Amendment that has been passed by committee and attached to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill. This amendment will allow any vape product marketed before August 8th to stay on the market.

It makes a difference to Advocate for your Freedom to Vape

I have worked in politics and have seen how this works.  I cannot emphasis enough how effective and important it is to call your member of congress and advocate for your rights!  Two calls a day will get the attention of the interns and legislative correspondents. Five calls will get the attention of their staff members, and anything more than this constitutes a grassroots movement.


  • Don’t settle with talking to an intern, ask to speak to “The Legislative Director who deals with issues related to the FDA.”
  • Bring them up to speed and explain what is going to happen to vaping in August. Chances are they know nothing about the Cole-Bishop amendment, or the FDA’s deeming regulation and its negative effect on vaping.
  • Tell your story. Tell your representative why the FDA is wrong to regulate vaping the same as tobacco. Explain to them how their regulations are exactly what big tobacco wants in order to kill vaping. Open their eyes to the realities of nicotine addiction and oral fixation that vaping solves. Show them the truth that ejuice, and electronic cigearette smoking is not a tobacco product, not a food, and not a drug.
  • If you own a vape shop, or any kind of local ejuice business, then call the local district office as well as the DC office and explain to the staff how this will destroy jobs and contribute to increased tobacco smoking in the Congressman’s district. You may even have a chance to invite the congressional staff to tour your business and lean the truth about vaping.  This is considered “field work” for a staffer and much more attractive than sitting in the office all summer.

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

Talking Points:

  • Please support the agriculture appropriations bill that includes the Cole Bishop Amendment.
  • The FDA is overstepping its legal authority by regulating a tobacco free product. 
  • Legislation is needed that recognizes electronic smoking is:
    • Not a tobacco product and cannot be deemed one if it does not contain tobacco.
    • An innovative new thing that is neither a food, nor a drug.
    • A potential public safety asset for reducing the harm of cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products.
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Anti Smoking Groups Protecting Tobacco?

From Michael Siegel,

I have come to the realization that the anti-smoking movement – which I have been a part of for the past 31 years, is essentially dead. And even worse, the anti-smoking movement is now actively promoting smoking.


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FDA Deeming From a Vape Perspective

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DIY Ejuice after FDA Deeming

Elephant in the Room

FDA Deeming

There is an elephant in the room, and its dung is piling up in the corner.  The elephant is the FDA deeming rules that were finalized this month. These rules were hastily written by a government agency clearly overwhelmed by the rapid innovation and adoption of vaping by smokers over the past several years.

We have been getting the question from a lot of our DIY customers: what are you going to do?  In this post I will try to explain how we view the situation, and our general strategy going forward.  I also want to ask that you engage with us and others to take action where I think we can still make an effective change.
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Labeling for FDA Deemed Products

Free legal advice is always nice to have. Here is some information about product labeling and the new FDA deeming rules that may be relevant to some readers of this blog.  The article on product labeling for ENDS products takes into account the new FDA deeming. It was written By Joy Syrcle and Michelle Corrigan at Stinson Leonard Street, a firm with experience writing warning labels for eciagrettes and accessories.

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Article: California Undermines Public Health By Treating E-Cigarettes Like The Real Thing

Check out this well written article by author, editor, and columnist, Jacob Sullum, who (in his words) covers “the war on drugs from a conscientious objector’s perspective.” Original Forbes Article

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VTA’s Next Level Thoughts on the Deeming Regulation

This Newsletter from the Vapor Technology Association is worth reading. Here is an excerpt:

VTA Guidance – Next Level Thoughts on the Deeming Regulation

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