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Fabulous Fruit eJuice Recipe Idea

Another great example of mixing with our May Flavor of the Month, Alpine Strawberry, is Laura’s Fabulous Fruit ejuice recipe idea. Packed full of delicious Flavorah flavorings, Laura says this recipe produces a fruity candy vape, similar to Smarties®. You can

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Autumn Sunset v2 eJuice Recipe Idea

Take a look at our most recent feature recipe, Autumn Sunset v2 by CheebaSteeba, a dark and spicy pipe tobacco vape with bright and refreshing fruit notes. This recipe uses all Flavorah flavorings and it utilizes our May Flavor of the Month,

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DIY or DIE Podcast – April 2017

DIY or DIE recently recorded an In The Mix podcast and the hosts had positive words for many FLV flavors. From about 27:50 to 49:30, the talk is almost all Flavorah, including praise for our tobaccos, Cream, Frosting, the majority of our Melon flavors, Lemonade, and Cucumber. Last

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Melon Blush eJuice Recipe Idea

The warmth in the air calls for a sweet, smooth fruit-filled ejuice recipe. Our most recent feature recipe, Melon Blush ejuice recipe idea by Jennifer Jarvis, fits the bill perfectly. This is a sub 1% flavoring recipe!  You can view the original

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Watermelon Rush Remix eJuice Recipe Idea

Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching! There’s no better way to celebrate than by adding some refreshingly satisfying fruity flavors to your mixes, as demonstrated in this Watermelon Rush Remix ejuice recipe idea by Tootall. You can view the tasting notes at

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Resources For New DIY eJuice Mixers

DIY ELIQUID MIXOLOGY If you are new to DIY eJuice, or even if you have a lot of experience, we want to direct you towards our friend Jennifer Jarvis as a solid resource for mixing methods and flavor notes. She

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New Flavors!

As of August 7, 2016, we have launched 1oo new flavors!  Our USA Flavorah Brochure has a complete list, and you can find them for sale on the DIY Ejuice store. This release is adding tons of amazing flavor variety to

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Shout Out to the Reddit DIY_ejuice Community

Over the weekend a post on reddit and several emails warned me that a hacker had exploited a plugin vulnerability and inserted junk text and links into our blog. Thanks to those people who pointed it out! Please note, the security

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Filling Plugging Capping Machines

Our mission is always to serve our customers. We think that this post might be helpful to many of you who are growing your ejuice manufacturing operation. A lot of our customers either own, or are in the market for

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The Tobacco Leaf in our Logo

A customer asked why we have a tobacco leaf in our logo since vaping does not have to involve tobacco.  Rather, the nicotine can come from eggplants, tomatoes etc. she explained.  This was a really good point. I want to

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