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Featured Reseller: Wizard Labs

Our Resellers We are fortunate to have companies that sell Flavorah flavors all over the world. In honor of those much appreciated customers, we periodically feature one of them. So without further ado, meet Wizard Labs! Wizard Labs Our featured Flavorah

Public Health England Publishes E-cigarette Evidence Review

PHE has the Right Mindset A promising independent evidence review published by PHE gives light to the benefits of e-cigarettes compared to traditional smoking. Learn more via the following links: PHE’s animation showing the difference of e-cigarettes and cigarettes can

Ejuice One Shots and Short Fills

Is Flavorah Going to Release “One Shots”or “Short Fills” (the EU version of one shots)? The answer: No. We Can Explain Why Our brand is designed for artists and mixers who want to create distinct flavor profiles for vaping. We

Yam Is Now Available!

Yam has finally been released. This is a Yam flavor that has a good rich buttery note as well as some sweetness to it. Suggested usage rate is between 0.5–4% depending on its intended use. Check below for information on

Vape Juice Calculator

The eJuice Me Up calculator is a fantastic vape juice calculator desktop tool for designing and filing eliquid recipes. It is one of the first projects of its kind made to assist DIY ejuice recipes. There are a lot of web applications

The Flavorah Diary Part 3 | DIY ejuice

This is the 3rd installment of the Flavorah Diary from DIY Vapor doing single flavor testing of Flavorah Flavors.  This is a focused and concise video giving quick tips when it comes to mixing.  One Important tip that he stresses and

ChocoNut Haystack eJuice Recipe Idea

ChocoNut Haystack eJuice Recipe by David28470 A sweet, rich chocolate/coconut candy ejuice recipe from David. You can view the original recipe posting and full tasting notes at the following site: e-Liquid Recipes. Ingredient % Caramel (Flavorah) 1.00 Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah)

Kirk’s Custard Sauce eJuice Recipe Idea

Kirk’s Custard Sauce eJuice Recipe by Alisa A creamy boysenberry ejuice recipe with a touch of cranberry in the back. You can view the original recipe posting and full tasting notes at the following site: e-Liquid Recipes. Ingredient % Boysenberry

DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors

In this episode of Noted, all of the attention is focused on Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors.  Fear (The resident DIY Tobacco expert) comes on the show and drops some serious knowledge as it relates to Tobacco mixes. If you were ever

Caramel Apple eJuice Recipe Idea

Caramel Apple eJuice Recipe by Smoky Blue A bakery-centered ejuice recipe that yields a blueberry cinnamon roll spin-off vape. This was a recipe send-in straight to us at Flavorah. Here are the original notes submitted by Smoky: Candied Apples!! Oh