RB4 – Man Juice eJuice Recipe Idea

man juice ejuice recipe idea

RB4 – Man Juice by Timonv

Red Burley, our June Flavor of the Month, is prevalent and proud in this ejuice recipe idea. Timonv describes the profile as a woody, nutty base flavor with a boozy bourbon vibe and subtle honey finish. You can view the original recipe posting and notes at the following site:
E-Liquid Recipes

Ingredient %
Bourbon (Flavorah) 1.0
Honey Bee (Flavorah) 0.5
Red Burley (Flavorah) 3.5
Totals 5.0

Strength: 3.00 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 20/80
Flavor total: 5.00 ml / 5.00 g (10%)

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