Month: September 2017

Klove eJuice Recipe Idea

Klove eJuice Recipe by CheebaSteeba CheebaSteeba intends this ejuice recipe mix to emulate Djarum Blacks (clove cigarettes). A fairly simple and straightforward recipe, but if you’re looking for a good clove tobacco vape, this will probably be up your alley.

DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 17 – Aromatic Tobacco

DIY or DIE episode, Noted: Episode 17, is all about aromatic tobacco flavors. There are two more episodes after this one on Non-aromatic Tobacco flavors and Tobacco Additives, if you’re looking for different types of tobaccos. Watch or listen in on

Andy’s Bac! eJuice Recipe Idea

Andy’s Bac! eJuice Recipe by SlashaLO Cool and creamy chocolate tobacco ejuice recipe mix. This is SlashaLO’s spin on an Ande’s Mint and tobacco cross. You can view the original recipe posting and full tasting notes at the following site:

Pumpkin Horchata Milkshake eJuice Recipe Idea

Pumpkin Horchata Milkshake eJuice Recipe by Tootall This ejuice recipe was used for beta tasting a couple of the newest FLV flavors. Tootall says it tastes good on a shake but will definitely get better with a steep. He plans

Last Call ? eJuice Recipe Idea

Last Call ? eJuice Recipe by ChappyBoy ChappyBoy says this one needs about 2 weeks to steep. You can view the original recipe posting and full notes at the following site: E-Liquid Recipes Ingredient % Bourbon (Flavorah) 0.60 Creme de

Dark eJuice Recipe Idea

Dark eJuice Recipe by SlashaLO SlashaLO describes this mix as a rum soaked raisin and fig, dried and layered into a bright and aromatic spiced Turkish tobacco blend. You can view the original recipe posting and full notes at the

Chocolate Pirouettes eJuice Recipe Idea

Chocolate Pirouettes eJuice Recipe by Jennifer Jarvis Jennifer intended this ejuice recipe to be a baked chocolate chip cookie. After some finagling and some steep time, it morphed into a chocolate pirouette cookie. The greek yogurt and cream are added

Ginger Beer eJuice Recipe Idea

Ginger Beer eJuice Recipe by Kopel Kopel does a great job breaking down flavor notes for each flavor he used in this ejuice recipe, including two of our newest flavors – Root Beer and Vanilla Bean. You can view the

Flavor Reviews by ConcreteRiver – Smoked Butterscotch, Pucker, Pastry Zest

ConcreteRiver provides some amazing flavor reviews, including notes and mixing suggestions, in his videos! This one is on a batch of some of our newest flavors – Smoked Butterscotch, Pucker, Pastry Zest. He is very thorough and explains his thoughts

Caramel Toffee eJuice Recipe Idea

Caramel Toffee (FLV) eJuice Recipe by Laura Laura describes this yummy fall-time ejuice recipe as a creamy, layered dessert mix. You can view the original recipe posting and notes at the following site: e-Liquid Recipes Ingredient % Caramel (Flavorah) 1.50 Mocha