Flavor Reviews by Concrete River – Final Conclusions on New Flavors

ConcreteRiver gives his conclusions from all of the testing related to the release of our new flavors.  He takes a moment to cover a variety of topics from his favorites of the new flavors, what he likes and respects about Flavorah, and how he uses many of our unique flavors. You can view the original video post here: ConcreteRiver’s YouTube Channel.

Breakdown of New Flavors in ConcreteRiver’s “The Flavorah Rant-New Flavor Conclusions-Testing Rant”

0:10 — Concrete discusses how he uses our flavors in the recipes he mixes up.  He also touches on what he respects about Flavorah as a whole

4:29 — Dives into his favorites of the new flavors (Top 5).

7:36 — There are several honorable mentions he covers that didn’t quite crack his Top 5.

14:09 — If you were ever interested in how Concrete does all his flavor testing.

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