DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors

In this episode of Noted, all of the attention is focused on Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors.  Fear (The resident DIY Tobacco expert) comes on the show and drops some serious knowledge as it relates to Tobacco mixes. If you were ever curious about amazing Tobacco flavors, this is a great breakdown to get you started.  For any additional inspiration on what to mix, check out Fear on AlltheFlavors, he has several quality mixes that will keep you coming back for more.  Below you can find specifics about Flavorah Tobaccos in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 18

Flavorah Tobaccos in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors

23:30 – 36:00 – This section is all Flavorah Tobacco, have a seat and listen in as they go through just about every tobacco flavor we have to offer

Red Burley (Batman) – According to ID10-T, Red Burley is the Batman of Tobacco flavors – Fear really loves this one because it’s just a solid tobacco flavor.  A flavorful and versatile tobacco flavor.  It does fade a little bit but comes back, if you use it too high where it doesn’t fade it tends to get a little bit nutty

Cured (Robin) – If Red Burley is Batman then Cured Tobacco is Robin, pretty much compliments every tobacco it is mixed with.  It is a very good generic but incredibly authentic tobacco.  Pairs perfectly with Red Burley, saves the fading and keeps it from getting too moist and nutty.  Native and Cured also pair well together.  It’s a perfect “mixer” tobacco and goes with just about anything

Virginia – This is a very bright and good tobacco

Native – Solid roll your own bag tobacco.  Concrete’s favorite stand-alone tobacco.

Arabian – Is really good but can be tough to use over .75, fear uses around .2-.3%.  Very specific and very potent.  Can very easily take over a mix if you aren’t careful.

Turkish – Lighter spice tobacco, great flavor

Kentucky Blend – Not an ash guy but when he does want ash he uses Kentucky Blend, it has just enough ash and not overwhelming

Classic Cigarette – Tastes like the end of a Marlboro light

Commercial Cigarette – Is way too strong of an ash flavor for him so it just depends on how you are using it and what you are using it for

Sweet Cigarette – It’s a tobacco sweetener.  See’s similarities to pucker

Connecticut Shade – Tastes like a cigar wrapper with some anise, coffee and cocoa notes in it with a little honey.  Really good to use in a recipe to add complexity like Abuela.  Another quality concentrate with great flavor

Tatanka – Used at 2% and 5%, really good bag of roll your own tobacco.  (American Spirit)  Over 5% it’s like red man chewing tobacco and a little wet, rich and thick with a strange sweetness.  Really smooth, slightly spicy and no bad throat hits.  One of Fear’s favorite stand-alone tobacco flavors,  loves using 1.5% Connecticut Shade and 2.5% Tatanka (was smoking it in his pipe)

35:50 – Fear suggests picking up all of our tobaccos if you are just starting out, makes for easy mixing when it comes to tobacco vapes.

50:41 – Cheeba is late to the show and wants to talk about Flavorah Tobaccos.

57:50 – Cheeba Brings up Arabian Tobacco.  So Potent and one of Cheeba’s Favorites.  Sane people don’t use more than .3-.4%

1:34:00 – Talks about how FLV Tobaccos are good for a week and then they disappear at the end of week one.  But they come back after about the 2nd week and are better than ever.  They call it the “Boomerang” effect

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