Ejuice One Shots and Short Fills

Is Flavorah Going to Release “One Shots”or “Short Fills” (the EU version of one shots)?

The answer: No.

We Can Explain Why

Our brand is designed for artists and mixers who want to create distinct flavor profiles for vaping. We make the raw materials for ejuice, which is not the same as a concentrated dilution of a premixed recipe designed for take-and-vape.

One shots are essentially the Papa Murphys of ejuice. We are happy to provide the ingredients for mixers and manufacturers to use in them.

Flavorah is the Flavoring for Ejuice

Our flavors are formulated from the ground up to provide brilliant, highly concentrated flavorings notes (that are not achievable using multipurpose flavors), mix well together, and be nicotine and tobacco free. We will continue to focus on these qualities and produce vapor flavorings that unlock the endless amount of advanced possibilities – empowering DIY ejuice connoisseurs.

Flavorah’s ethos is empowerment. We believe that flavoring is the X-factor that empowers tobacco smokers to reduce nicotine dependency and break addiction. Cultivating our flavorings to be a means to that end is our aim. It all goes back to our FLV Mission Statement.

One shots are a convenient way to make ejuice that is still high quality and affordable, but that product is not our focus at Flavorah. In addition to remaining nicotine and tobacco free, we would rather help talented mixers by providing a product that can be used in their one shot. After all, being “the flavoring for ejuice” is what we do best.

Instead of creating one shots in the future, we will continue releasing new vape flavors to serve the DIY community.

Flavorah is for ejuice like paint is for Picasso. One shots are the limited edition prints that you can buy from the artist themselves. Some of our unique flavorings can be used in a single flavor recipe, but that is not our intent. Therefore, every one of our flavors is intended to be mixed – like paint on a canvas.

Our Customers Are Our Focus

We consider DIY mixers and manufactures to be the core group of our customers — not the general populace of vaping. Our customers create great products. Flavorah endeavors to serve those customers, not get greedy or distracted by their success. The same reasoning fuels why we do not provide ejuice co-packing services or bulk PG/VG to the manufactures we work with, even though we are capable of it. Instead, our resources go towards preparing for their batches and providing a quality ingredient to them quickly.

If we released our own line of one shots, or generic white label ejuice as some companies have done, we would compete against our own customers. A brand that loses its identity in that way is not healthy. You might as well chew off the leg you stand on.