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Flavorah FLV vape juice filling machine - eJuice Labeling

Vape Juice Filling and Labeling

Our customers frequently ask us if we can mix and pack their all FLV recipes. We have decided to say no to this request because we like working with dedicated vape juice co-packers, and think that this is the best way for our customers to be successful too.

Flavorah does not mix ejuice for our customers or co-pack their vape juice recipes. Instead, we focus on providing the excellent flavor notes to the artists and manufactures that make vape juice and vapor products, because that is what makes Flavorah “The Flavoring for Ejuice.”

Even though we possess the equipment that would make this possible, we believe that our role is to provide just the flavoring, and not to compete with our own partners who are serving juice makers with bottling and mixing services.

Some flavor manufacturers have gotten into the ejuice market  and offer low cost white labeled nicotine products. That is not in our ethos. We think that undermines the trade and craft of artisan vape juice, and reduces the trust between flavor vendor and juice maker.

We will gladly recommend a co-packer in your region to work with if you are seeking out help with manufacturing a final product with flavorah flavorings.  Just drop us a line or contact us here.