Flavorah is a raw material for further processing in the manufacturing of vape liquid. Ordering our product will be different depending on your intentions. We work with any size manufacturer to equip them with the flavorings needed to create the best vape juice in the world.

For online ordering, click the DIY eJuice Store to find the particular vape-formulated flavor you want and add it to your cart. For purchasing jug sizes over 4oz, you will need a wholesale account, which you can set up by following the instructions on the wholesale page.

Once you have selected flavors in our store, use the “Cart” button at the top right to pay and checkout.

You can also order by phone, our toll free number is on our lovely contact page.

Those hands look like they belong to a wise person, a wise person that is totally ordering Flavorah flavorings.

Shipping & Handling

DIY Manufacturer Ordering

We try to ship within one business day. Domestic orders should be received in 5-10 business days. However, if there is an item in your order that is out of stock, we will at our discretion either split and ship your order in parts, or hold it until the back-ordered item is available.

We try to ship by USPS First Class Mail for orders of 10 bottles or fewer. USPS Priority or Parcel Select will be used for orders of 13 bottles or more. Shipping prices vary, but here is an idea of cost:

  • First Class USPS – $3 – 5
  • First Class International USPS – $8 – 50
  • Priority USPS – $7+
  • UPS – Ground shipment, or International for wholesale customers
  • FedEx – Ground, International Express

Wholesale Ordering

You must ship wholesale products via UPS Ground, FedEx, or Freight. Shipping for international wholesale orders may need separate payment. Furthermore, customs declarations may be necessary for tariffs depending on your country. The tariff code will be for “Flavoring Materials.” If you encounter with the customs agency in your country miss-identifying or miss-categorizing  your shipment, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

International Shipping Restrictions

Flavorah goods are tendered for shipment DAP (delivered at place). This means that the buyer will be responsible for paying customs tariffs, THCs (Terminal Handling Costs) and other costs and fees that occur in their country once the shipment has arrived at a place of entry. Our primary carriers – DHL, FedEx and UPS – handle many of these important conditions and you will not need to worry about a thing. However, in the case that you need more paperwork, it is important you contact and cooperate with your carrier representative in a prompt manner. Packages left in customs will likely be destroyed. Flavorah will not be held financially responsible if your order is returned, destroyed, or confiscated by your customs agency. You are agreeing to pay any fees owed during the customs clearance process. We cannot accept any returns and do not issue refunds for items abandoned.

More details can be found on our International Shipping Restrictions page.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Paypal for online orders. Also, if you prefer to pay by bitcoin, we can facilitate your transaction with a separate invoice/payment request.


On domestic shipments, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for 7 days after delivery. Please contact us for customer service. In addition, we unfortunately cannot accept returns or exchanges for international shipments.