Shipping Restrictions

Flavor Classifications for Shipping

International Shipping Advisory: Class 3, DG products

Some of our flavors are classified under IATA as “Dangerous Goods” (DG) due to their low flash point (the lowest temperature at which a liquid in a specified apparatus will give off sufficient vapor to ignite momentarily on application of a flame).  If you’re in certain non-U.S. regions, we highly recommend securing support from a freight forward company with a U.S. based address that can assist with the import of these flavors.

Please review the list of regulated and non-regulated (DG and non-DG) flavors in the table below. Non-regulated flavors can ship directly via FedEx, DHL, or UPS depending on your country.

More on shipping DG with DHL here.
More on shipping DG with FedEx here.
More on shipping DG with UPS here.

Resellers / Distributors of Flavorah Flavorings

Sometimes an alternative solution, if you’re struggling with shipping restrictions, is purchasing Flavorah flavoring from a reseller. To locate a Flavorah reseller nearest you, check out our map.

Contact us for further information.

DG  Non-DG
Acai Alpine Strawberry
Apple Cider Apple Cranberry
Amaretto Sour Apple
Apricot Arabian Tobacco
Apple Filling Apple Pop
Beer Nuts Berry Cheesecake
Banana Basil
Black Cherry Blackberry Blossom
Berry Blend
Blueberry Boysenberry
Biscotti Blood Orange
Brie Cheese Brulee
Blueberry Muffin Bourbon
Cantaloupe Cavendish
Bubble Gum Butterscotch
Cheesecake Classic Cigarette
Candy Roll Caramel
Clove Commercial Cigarette
Carrot Cherimoya
Connecticut Shade Cookie
Cherry Blossom Cherry Filling
Cookie Dough Cotton Candy
Chocolate Deutch Cinnamon Crunch
Cream Cream and Cookies
Cinnamon Roll Coconut
Cucumber Cupcake Batter
Coffee Cool Menthol
Dragon Fruit Frosting
Cranberry Creme de Menthe
Graham Cracker Greek Yogurt
Crunch Cereal Cured Tobacco
Green Apple Hazelnut
Custard Donuts
Honey Bee Ice
Eggnog Elderflower
Kentucky Blend Lemon
Fig Fire Cinnamon
Lemon Grass Lovage Root
Fried Dough Ginger
Milk Milk and Honey
Ginger Peach Ginger Snap
Milk Chocolate Native Tobacco
Granny Smith Granola
Oak Barrel Oatmeal Raisin
Grape Guanabana
Oriental Tobacco Passion Fruit
Heat Hibiscus
Peppermint Pistachio
Horchata Irish Cream
Pound Cake Pralines
Jackfruit Kiwi
Raisin Rum Red Burley
Lembas Bread Lemon Tea
Red Cinnamon Red Velvet
Lemonade Lime
Rich Cinnamon Root Beer
Lime Wedge Lychee
Smoked Butterscotch Smore
Macaroon Mango
Sour Apple Strawberry
Maple Bar Marshmallow
Strawberry Filling Strawberry Smash
Marshmallow Treat Mocha
Sugar Orchid Sun Cookie
Morning Mimosa Moscato
Sweet Cigarette Sweetness
Nectarine Orange Citrus
Turkish Tobacco Vanilla Bean
Papaya Punch Pastry Zest
Vanilla Custard Vanilla Pudding
Peach Peach Gummy
Watermelon White Chocolate
Peanut Butter Pear
Persimmon Persimmon Spice
Pineapple Pink Guava
Popcorn Pucker Tobacco
Pumpkin Bread Pumpkin Spice
Rainier Cherry Raspberry
Red Apple Red Raspberry
Rhubarb Sangria
Smooth Vanilla Soursop
Spearmint Strawberry Cream
Sweet Coconut Sweet Cream
Sweet Dough Sweet Fig
Tangerine Tatanka Tobacco
Thai Chai Toffee
Tricks Cereal Tropical Citrus
Tropical Punch Virginia Tobacco
Waffle Wheat
Whipped Cream Wild Melon
Wood Spice Yakima Hops