FDA Nominee Scott Gottlieb Not Conflicted, He Understands Vaping

Bloomberg has an article about  President Trump’s FDA Nominee, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, accusing him of conflict of interest because he understands the vape industry and has invested and served on the board of a company that sells electronic cigarettes.

I guess that we are all supposed to infer that since he invested in a company that sells ecigarettes, he must want to eventually hook all of our children on tobacco.  That would in fact make him an evil person. The problem with that line of reasoning is that the company he was part of called, Kure is all about helping people quit tobacco and find a less harmful alternative.

The Bloomberg article on Nominee FDA Commisioner Dr. Gottlieb can’t help but hide its prejudice and preconceived notions:

Vaping, which generally delivers nicotine in the form of liquids that are vaporized and inhaled, is considered by many to be less harmful than smoking cigarettes, which deliver other chemicals and carcinogens along with nicotine when lit on fire. But candy flavors and ease of access have made e-cigarettes increasingly popular among teenagers and a gateway for youth to nicotine products. Between 2011 and 2015, e-cigarette use rose to 16 percent of U.S. high school students from 1.5 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Show me the research.  When did vaping become a gateway to tobacco products? It is precisely because of candy flavors, fruit flavors, and bakery flavors that the majority of people are able to quit tobacco cigarettes.  And if your introduction to smoking was an ecigarette, why would you ever decide to gag on the putrid and ashy flavor of a smoky, burning tobacco cigarette?

At Flavorah we believe that nicotine is not even necessary when you vape quality flavors.   It is precisely because of the flavors that people are able to wean themselves off of nicotine and cigarettes.  Our DIY ejuice manufacturers have taken control of their entire smoking experience by mixing their own flavors, whether nicotine is included or not.  I think that many of them would actually be offended if you compared their craft to smoking an analog cigarette.

The hypothesis that vaping is a gateway towards tobacco-use rather than away from tobacco use is at the center of the harm reduction priority for the FDA.   Everyone in the vape industry knows that it is absurdly false that people who start with an ecig will be enticed to switch to tobacco.  Apparently, Dr. Scott Gottlieb knows this since he must have understood the customer profile of the business he invested in.

The best way to market Ecigarettes is to put them right next to a pack of tobacco cigarettes and steal business from Winston, Marlboro, American Spirit and whatever else must be lit on fire.

Wouldn’t it be a relief that somebody who understands the vape industry is going to lead the agency that regulates it?  Well, not according to the headline and part of the article’s underlying if not explicit thesis: that because he has been involved in the market, he must be tainted by conflicts of interest to help his business investments grow.  Dr. Gottlieb has promised to divest his holdings before he takes the reins.

If Dr. Gottlieb’s offence is trying to get children hooked on tobacco then here, here Mr. Bloomberg! …We should all oppose him.  But in reality it is the opposite.  There can be no conflict of interest if his intention was to help people effectively quit tobacco, and his investment in a company called Kure was trying to do that.  There are thousands of small businesses like it now serving millions of people who have quit smoking tobacco.

The real conflict of interest would be if the FDA took away the freedom that smokers have to chose a less harmful alternative.


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FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017

Congress is Working on Legislation

It is important to call your house and Senate representatives now while they work on new legislation.  A stand-alone bill has been submitted to Congress as HR 1136 that may help keep vapor products subject to the FDA Deeming (defacto ban) stay on the market.  Ask your representative to co-sponsor and support this bill.


  • Don’t settle with talking to an intern, ask to speak to “The Legislative Director who deals with issues related to the FDA.”
  • Bring them up to speed and explain what is going to happen to vaping if the FDA’s deeming regulations are not changed.
  • Tell your story. Tell your representative why the FDA is wrong to regulate vaping the same as tobacco. Explain to them how their regulations are exactly what big tobacco wants in order to kill vaping as an alternative to smoking. Open their eyes to the realities of nicotine addiction and oral fixation that vaping solves. Show them the truth that ejuice, and electronic cigearette smoking is not the same tobacco product they are used to.
  • If you own a vape shop, or any kind of local ejuice business, then call the local district office as well as the DC office and explain to the staff how this regulation will destroy jobs and contribute to increased tobacco smoking in the Congressman’s district. You may even have a chance to invite the congressional staff to tour your business and lean the truth about vaping.  This is considered “field work” for a staffer and much more attractive than sitting in the office all summer.

Locate your Senators and Representative

ex: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20500

Talking Points:

  • Please support the agriculture appropriations bill that includes the Cole Bishop Amendment.
  • Legislation is needed that recognizes electronic smoking is:
    • Not the same as tobacco
    • A potential public safety asset for reducing the harm of cigarettes and other combustible tobacco products.
    • An innovative new thing that is neither a food, nor a drug.
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Watermelon Rush Remix Recipe Idea

Watermelon Rush Remix Recipe Idea Image Mash-upSpring is here and Summer is quickly approaching! There’s no better way to celebrate than by adding some refreshingly satisfying fruity flavors to your mixes, as demonstrated in this Watermelon Rush Remix ejuice recipe idea by Tootall. You can view the tasting notes at the following sites:

e-Liquid Recipes
All the Flavors

Ingredient ml Grams %
Nicotine juice 100 mg (100% PG) 0.9 0.93 3
PG dilutant 4.42 4.58 14.73
VG dilutant 22.5 28.38 75
Total base 27.82 33.89 92.73
Marshmallow (Flavorah) 0.3 0.3 1
Strawberry Cream (Flavorah) 0.45 0.45 1.5
Strawberry Filling (Flavorah) 0.45 0.45 1.5
Sweet Cream (Flavorah) 0.3 0.3 1
Sweetness (Flavorah) 0.08 0.08 0.25
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.6 0.6 2
Totals 30 36.07 100

Try it out and let us know your thoughts and suggestions, because we truly love your input!

In fact, please feel free to send us your FLV recipes or links to mixes with Flavorah flavors that you think are worth added attention, and you might just see them here in a Flavorah blog post, as well.

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Resources For New DIY eJuice Mixers


If you are new to DIY eJuice, or even if you have a lot of experience, we want to direct you towards our friend Jennifer Jarvis as a solid resource for mixing methods and flavor notes. She has a great palette and excellent technique, and her experience with layering flavor notes and steeping them will help you finesse more out of your juice.

One of the important things that we believe Jennifer can share is her understanding of how Flavorah mixes differently than flavors that are borrowed from the food, beverage or perfume industry. Making craft eJuice is an art form, and we always appreciate people like Jennifer who can recognize this. Check out her website:

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Senator Ron Johnson’s New Letter to FDA

Senator Ron Johnson was not supposed to get re-elected if you listened to American pollsters this summer.  Infact, the entire US Senate was supposed to flip party.  Perhaps that is why the FDA snubbed his initial letter regarding the Deeming rule when he sent it in the last months of his 6 year term.

Now that he has been re-elected, and a new administration has pledged to work with Congress to repeal senseless regulations and reign in misguided and unaccountable federal agencies, his letters won’t fall on deaf ears any longer.  Here is a transcript of a new Ron Johnson letter sent to the FDA November 21, 2016:

Read more ›

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Veterans Group Slams FDA Plan Regulate Vaping Industry

Veterans Are Slamming The FDA’s Plan To Smother Vaping Industry

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Donald Trump Can Change FDA Regulations and Save Vaping

President Elect Donald Trump is collecting guidance from US Citizens to help direct his first 100 days in office.  He could take action that saves vaping in the USA.  In its first 100 days, we need the new administration to route out the corrupt and dangerous regulations that the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, under the leadership of big Pharma lobbyist Mich Zeller has enacted.  These regulations are designed to destroy the vape industry.

Please visit the President Elect’s website and submit your  story:  https://apply.ptt.gov/yourstory/

Here is the message that I (Brendan) sent as President of Flavorah: Read more ›

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Study Shows that Vaping is Not about Nicotine

Anybody who is in the industry could tell you that ecigarettes are a tool for reducing or eliminating nicotine.

The disconnect between understanding and regulating ecigarettes is stark however.  The notion of “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems,” or “ENDS” as a product category expresses a laughable lack of familiarity.  No wonder the vape community has its own terminology, namely “Vapor Product” and “Vape” to describe what an ecigarette is.

Claims that they help you “quit smoking” are of course regulated with a vengeance by the FDA, but a cursory introduction to the massive variety of ejuice flavors and concentrations available makes it obvious:  Step into a vape shop and most commercial flavors are mixed in descending levels of nicotine concentration from the cigarette equivalent of 2.4mg down to 0mg /no nicotine, with most advanced users rarely venturing above 0.3mg nicotine. Read more ›

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Ejuice Calculator

diy-ejuice-calculatorWe have a spreadsheet that can be used with your ejuice calculator to upload Flavorah flavors.

All of the specific gravity, use rate, and costs are in the upload.

There are a few really good applications out there for doing your ejuice mixes and keeping track of inventory, recipes, batches etc.  One that I like is made to run on your computer, and allows you to mix DIY ejuice by both volume and weight.  Using this calculator will help you refine a recipe by easily toggling between PG/VG levels and flavor percentages.  Once you have a receipe written, you can also run a cost/ml analysis to see how much money you might save.   Check out DIY Juice Calculator

Here is an easy to import spreadsheet of Flavorah Flavorings that you can use with the calculator.

FLV Ejuice Flavors Spreadsheet

FLV Flavors Import For Ejuice Calculator

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Vaping Enriches and Helps Sustain Lives

Vaping for Taste

This YouTube video shows us one example of how vaping enriches and helps to support lives:

Need more statistics?

This is a wonderful infographic from Vaping Cheap that helps break down the numbers for the curious or skeptical: Read more ›

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