Premium Vape Juice: Why High Quality E-juice Flavoring is Important

premium vape juice

If you’re interested in learning about what makes e-juice flavorings high quality, you might be asking yourself these questions:

  • What makes a vape juice premium?
  • Why are some flavoring concentrates more expensive than others?
  • What makes a flavoring concentrate high quality?
  • Do I have to use quality flavoring to make premium vape juice?

For the skeptics out there, premium isn’t just a loaded word used by marketers. High-quality products take time and money to develop and no detail is too small to consider.

Many believe that price is an indicator of value and this misconception leads to the skepticism around the word “premium.” This post will explain some of the distinct qualities that we believe makes our flavoring concentrates premium.

At Flavorah, we connect everything back to our mission statement: to provide flavorings that are so good, a smoker never needs to strike a match again. That mission requires that our vape juice flavoring concentrates be built from the ground up to provide the best vaping experience.

5 Qualities of Premium Flavoring Concentrates

premium vape juice

When we think about the best e-juice flavoring companies, there are several indicators of high-quality e-juice flavorings:

  • Flavor Profiles designed for Vapor
  • High Potency and purity
  • PG soluble and free of beverage sweeteners and buffers
  • Free of Coloring and unvapable preservatives
  • Free of tobacco derivatives

Ruthless Ejuice is a Flavorah Customer. They have extensive experience developing and marketing vape juice and have learned many of the lessons required for manufacturing a premium product. If the flavoring concentrates are not up to par, it’s hard for e-juice manufacturers to create premium e-juice. If you’re interested in learning more about what defines a premium e-juice, check out Ruthless Vapor’s blog post!

1. Skilled Flavor Chemist

Taste is largely subjective but in order to create a unique flavor profile for vapor, it takes a skilled chemist with decades of training and advanced techniques to produce a rich and well-balanced flavor. A true flavor chemist may also be specialized in specific flavor where their skill sets them apart from other chemists in their industry. Flavorah has had the privilege of working with some of the most skilled and experienced flavor chemists in the world to craft new flavorings from the ground up.

2.  Designed for the Ultimate Vaping Experience

Furthermore, testing and developing specific flavor profiles is always done with a specific application in mind. For instance, a beverage flavor is tested to taste best in a beverage, while a vapor flavor must be tested and refined for its flavor profile in vapor. Using a vast library of compounds and continual testing and refinement, a true vapor flavoring can be made.

3. Consistency and Quality Control

Quality flavoring made for premium vape juice has to be consistent in every batch. The extraction process for creating different flavors is a time-intensive process and it takes an experienced team to make it happen. Quality control of ingredients, and the final product is essential to ensure that noticeable variability in natural compounds is eliminated.

4. Potency and Purity

Another trait of premium e-juice flavorings is the potency of the product. High-quality flavorings do not compromise flavor potency because this results in a less useful product when developing max VG recipes. Premium flavorings are highly concentrated to retain a more pronounced and colorful flavor at any usage rate. Unlike multipurpose flavorings that are diluted for easier use, an ultra-concentrated flavoring puts control into the hands of the vape juice mixer.

5. No Sweeteners and Preservatives

Lastly, sweeteners and preservatives intended for baking and beverage must not be used in a premium vape juice flavor. Beverage sweeteners like Splenda and Truvia are buffered with sugars like sucrose and dextrose. This will cause vaping coils to burn out faster due to the accumulation of burned out gunk.  Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in lower quality vape juice that makes use of multi-purpose flavorings instead of real vapor flavorings.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out our flavor selection! You can also read some of our vape juice flavor reviews on Reddit. Happy Mixing!

Artwork and writing provided by Ruthless Vapor.

Featured Reseller: Wizard Labs

Our Resellers

We are fortunate to have companies that sell Flavorah flavors all over the world. In honor of those much appreciated customers, we periodically feature one of them.

So without further ado, meet Wizard Labs!

Wizard Labs

Our featured Flavorah reseller is a family owned and operated business based in central Florida, USA, but selling vape/DIY supplies online all over the world. Their goal is to support research and development with lab ware and supplies in a manner and at a price that encourages growth among small businesses and independent researchers within the vape trade and community.

They will be offering 15% off Flavorah flavorings February 16-18, 2018, so go check out their store!

wizard labs

Public Health England Publishes E-cigarette Evidence Review

PHE has the Right Mindset

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Ejuice One Shots and Short Fills

Is Flavorah Going to Release “One Shots”or “Short Fills” (the EU version of one shots)?

The answer: No.

We Can Explain Why

Our brand is designed for artists and mixers who want to create distinct flavor profiles for vaping. We make the raw materials for ejuice, which is not the same as a concentrated dilution of a premixed recipe designed for take-and-vape.

One shots are essentially the Papa Murphys of ejuice. We are happy to provide the ingredients for mixers and manufacturers to use in them. Read more ›

Yam Is Now Available!

Yam has finally been released. This is a Yam flavor that has a good rich buttery note as well as some sweetness to it. Suggested usage rate is between 0.5–4% depending on its intended use. Check below for information on where to purchase.FLV-yam

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Vape Juice Calculator

vape juice calculator

The eJuice Me Up calculator is a fantastic vape juice calculator desktop tool for designing and filing eliquid recipes. It is one of the first projects of its kind made to assist DIY ejuice recipes. There are a lot of web applications out there. In order to have the ability to work offline, it is nice to have something installed on your computer desktop.

Another benefit of the program is its ability to calculate the cost to produce many different batch sizes, and to store a library of your flavoring on hand. Check it out!

The Flavorah Diary Part 3 | DIY ejuice

This is the 3rd installment of the Flavorah Diary from DIY Vapor doing single flavor testing of Flavorah Flavors.  This is a focused and concise video giving quick tips when it comes to mixing.  One Important tip that he stresses and is accurate when mixing with Flavorah, “Less is More”. In this installment he focuses on the flavor profiles and usage rates of our new Yam flavor, Macaroon, Pound Cake, and Connecticut Shade.  Watch below and learn some quick tips from DIY Vapor in The Flavorah Diary Part 3

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ChocoNut Haystack eJuice Recipe Idea

ChocoNut Haystack eJuice Recipe by David28470

A sweet, rich chocolate/coconut candy ejuice recipe from David. You can view the original recipe posting and full tasting notes at the following site:
e-Liquid Recipes.

choconut haystack ejuice recipe idea

Ingredient %
Caramel (Flavorah) 1.00
Chocolate Deutsch (Flavorah) 1.50
Peanut Butter (Flavorah) 1.00
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) 1.50
Total Flavoring 5.00

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 30/70

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Kirk’s Custard Sauce eJuice Recipe Idea

Kirk’s Custard Sauce eJuice Recipe by Alisa

A creamy boysenberry ejuice recipe with a touch of cranberry in the back. You can view the original recipe posting and full tasting notes at the following site:
e-Liquid Recipes.

kirks custard sauce ejuice recipe idea

Ingredient %
Boysenberry (Flavorah) 2.00
Cranberry (Flavorah) 1.00
Cream (Flavorah) 2.00
Vanilla Custard (Flavorah) 3.00
Total Flavoring 8.00

Strength: 3 mg
PG/VG-ratio: 25/75

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DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors

In this episode of Noted, all of the attention is focused on Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors.  Fear (The resident DIY Tobacco expert) comes on the show and drops some serious knowledge as it relates to Tobacco mixes. If you were ever curious about amazing Tobacco flavors, this is a great breakdown to get you started.  For any additional inspiration on what to mix, check out Fear on AlltheFlavors, he has several quality mixes that will keep you coming back for more.  Below you can find specifics about Flavorah Tobaccos in DIY or DIE – Noted: Episode 18

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