Month: February 2018

Premium Vape Juice: Why High Quality E-juice Flavoring is Important

If you’re interested in learning about what makes e-juice flavorings high quality, you might be asking yourself these questions: What makes a vape juice premium? Why are some flavoring concentrates more expensive than others? What makes a flavoring concentrate high

Featured Reseller: Wizard Labs

Our Resellers We are fortunate to have companies that sell Flavorah flavors all over the world. In honor of those much appreciated customers, we periodically feature one of them. So without further ado, meet Wizard Labs! Wizard Labs Our featured Flavorah

Public Health England Publishes E-cigarette Evidence Review

PHE has the Right Mindset A promising independent evidence review published by PHE gives light to the benefits of e-cigarettes compared to traditional smoking. Learn more via the following links: PHE’s animation showing the difference of e-cigarettes and cigarettes can

Ejuice One Shots and Short Fills

Is Flavorah Going to Release “One Shots”or “Short Fills” (the EU version of one shots)? The answer: No. We Can Explain Why Our brand is designed for artists and mixers who want to create distinct flavor profiles for vaping. We