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Yam Is Now Available!!!

Our newest flavor Yam has finally been released.  This is a Yam flavor that has a good rich buttery note as well as some sweetness to it, suggested usage rate is between 1-3% depending on its intended use. Check below

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The Flavorah Diary Part 3 | DIY ejuice

This is the 3rd installment of the Flavorah Diary from DIY Vapor doing single flavor testing of Flavorah Flavors.  This is a focused and concise video giving quick tips when it comes to mixing.  One Important tip that he stresses and

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DIY or DIE Podcast Breakdown – Noted: Episode 18 – Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors

In this episode of Noted, all of the attention is focused on Non-Aromatic Tobacco Flavors.  Fear (The resident DIY Tobacco expert) comes on the show and drops some serious knowledge as it relates to Tobacco mixes. If you were ever

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Flavor Reviews by Concrete River – Final Conclusions on New Flavors

ConcreteRiver gives his conclusions from all of the testing related to the release of our new flavors.  He takes a moment to cover a variety of topics from his favorites of the new flavors, what he likes and respects about

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