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Watermelon Rush Remix Recipe Idea

Spring is here and Summer is quickly approaching! There’s no better way to celebrate than by adding some refreshingly satisfying fruity flavors to your mixes, as demonstrated in this Watermelon Rush Remix ejuice recipe idea by Tootall. You can view the tasting notes at

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Vaping Enriches and Helps Sustain Lives

Vaping for Taste This YouTube video shows us one example of how vaping enriches and helps to support lives: Need more statistics? This is a wonderful infographic from Vaping Cheap that helps break down the numbers for the curious or skeptical:

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Article: California Undermines Public Health By Treating E-Cigarettes Like The Real Thing

Check out this well written article by author, editor, and columnist, Jacob Sullum, who (in his words) covers “the war on drugs from a conscientious objector’s perspective.” Original Forbes Article

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